Extreme Applications of Lethal Force is R.A.D. Systems at its most "RADical". This program combines technique and strategy, with innovation and experience. Literally twenty years in the making, R.A.D. E.A. is the pinnacle of our organization's historic foundational programming.
E.A. is an Instructor Certification program that is designed to further develop an active Instructor’s knowledge base, by addressing the most dangerous of circumstances, providing insightful and potentially lethal responses to life and death confrontations. While all R.A.D. Basic and Advanced programming (women, men and seniors) is predicated upon defending against the most common types of aggression aimed at a specific population. R.A.D. E.A. is used in defense against the most unpredictable, chaotic and extreme types of aggression, regardless of population.
Instructor Certification is a two (2) day, 20 hour program. You must be a currently certified R.A.D. Instructor (BPD or RFM or RFS) for a minimum of three (3) years, with instructors holding current Advanced Self-Defense Instructor Certification having preferred enrollment. Are you ready?





Instructor Certification is a (2) day, 20 hour program. You must meet the criteria listed above.